Sunday, January 27, 2013

I screwed up this pair of pajama pants!

Today, I had intended to show you the fabulous pair of pajama pants I started sewing last night.  I took photos of each step, feeling more and more awesome with each phase I completed.  My husband came out of the bedroom around 12:00 a.m. and asked, "Um, how much longer are you going to be sewing?"  I took his hint, finished my stitch, and saved the rest for this morning.

I've been racking my brain trying to think of something simple, but useful, to sew for my husband.  There are thousands of sewing tutorials for easy projects on the feminine side-- but my husband doesn't really like to wear skirts, and I'm not sure that a ruffly upcycled tshirt would fit his style.  So, I settled on pajama pants.  He loves pajama pants-- who doesn't?

So, when I got up this morning, I got to trucking along on the PJs.  What ensued could easily be written into the next episode of Whitney or The New Girl.  (Adorkable!)

When the time came for my husband to try on the pants so I could mark the waist and the hem, I realized that I probably should have paid more attention to the tutorial I was following.  "These are cool, but they're a little tight around my butt." There he stood, waist pulled up to his pectorals, crotch seam sticking out at me instead of facing-- well, his crotch.  And, yes, the backside may as well have been shrink-wrapped around his rear end.  We just stood there and laughed.  He looked absolutely ridiculous.  I kind of wanted to cry, but the whole thing was so comical that I couldn't possibly be upset.  "What did I doooo? OMG, what did I DOOOOOO?"  Those were the only words I could muster.

At that point, it was clear that these would be MY pajama pants.  (He has a better butt, but mine is smaller.)  I started ripping seams, putting things back together, hemming, failing at buttonholes for the drawstring, cutting the holes with scissors instead (who needs finished edges, anyway?), and finally finished those damned pants.

My good friend, Jeff, has suggested that I start a new line of pajama pants called "M.C. Jammers."

They're terrible, but somehow they actually work, which is the most important thing, I guess.  When I put them on, they LOOK like pajama pants.  Pajama pants made by a 3-year-old.  For M.C. Hammer.  I did something terribly wrong in the crotch area -- still haven't figured out quite what it was -- but trust me, there is something wrong with the crotch, although the seam is facing in the right direction now.

For the record, the crotch of the pants is nowhere near the place where it ought to be.  It's easily 4" too low.
Basically, what I'm saying is-- that's not my crotch, okay?
(I was totally bustin' a sag in the back, too.)

Thank goodness I had the foresight to use an old flannel sheet for this project; no harm, no foul.  They're actually quite comfortable.  I'd ask you not to laugh, but that would be expecting waaaaay too much.  Go ahead and laugh.  It's good for you.  Lord knows I did.

I learned some valuable lessons from this experience, so I'm glad it happened.  When I have compiled a proper pajama pants tutorial, I'll take a few moments to review what you definitely should not do.

Screwing up a pair of pajama pants is hard work, but I did it!  And so can you!


  1. Got a good laugh out of a pattern!!!

    1. Haha. I used a pair of his pajama pants as a "pattern." Obviously, I need to work on my tracing skills!